When disaster strikes your home, we know how it impacts all facets of your life. Our experienced team of professionals will be by your side to help assist you through any delays and obstacles.

Emergency Response

We provide 24/7 emergency services to protect your property from further damage. These services include board up, plumbing, heating and electric, as well as other services to secure your home and property while it is vulnerable and awaiting repair.

Claim Management

Our staff meets with your insurance company adjuster to determine the Scope of Damage and to prepare an estimate. We focus on your needs and specific issues, while working within the guidelines of your insurance company.

Detailed Estimate

A detailed damage estimate is prepared for all costs from fire, water, and smoke. Our experienced estimators document all damage and anticipate hidden damage caused by water and smoke penetration.

Working Together

We work with you every step of the way, from helping you prepare all necessary paperwork, getting your approval on repair specifications, and going through sampling materials. We will guide you through the process, keeping you fully informed along the way.
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Rebuilding Lives Since 1992

Whether an incident impacts your home or business, we are there from start to finish, dedicated to quickly restoring your property so your life can get back to normal. Where other builders may delay, we hit the ground running by immediately boarding up and securing your home from any further damage and communicating with your insurance company for approvals on the scope of repairs.

Emergency & Board Up
DH Construction is contracted with multiple fire & police departments in our coverage area to be on call 24/7, every day of the year. We respond within 1 hour to most locations for these emergency services. After a fire or other disaster, a property is often left with gaping openings in the structure. We have dedicated vehicles fully stocked with necessary supplies to secure the property and prevent further damage/theft.
Fire Damage
Destruction caused by fire can be rapid and brutal. What isn’t completely destroyed reeks of smoke and is covered in filthy soot. Our experienced Estimators will explain all your options and help expedite your insurance claim so you’re on the path to recovery in the quickest way possible.
Water Damage
From a burst pipe to fire suppression efforts, water can be as damaging as fire and can create additional problems, including dangerous mold. Rapid remediation is an essential part of the process to prevent further damage. Allow DH Construction to assist in getting the process started and repair the damage created by water.
Wind Damage
Tree impact to your structure, broken windows, damaged siding and destroyed roofing can all be caused by wind. With our 24/7/365 emergency services, we’ll quickly secure your property by making temporary repairs to prevent further damage as the first steps towards more permanent restoration.
Ice & Snow Damage
In higher elevations with more severe climate, ice and snow can commonly cause property damage. With seasonally occupied homes, this can go undetected for long periods of time and worsen the damage. Our experience with these specific circumstances will result in your best outcome on your insurance settlement so we can complete the necessary repairs.
Vehicle Impact Damage
This type of accident can damage your property’s structure, fencing, or any other point of impact area. As unexpected as it may be, our experts can assess the specific damage and help your insurance adjuster complete a scope of work to remedy the destruction.
Hail Damage
Balls of ice hurled from the sky can break windows, destroy roofs, and damage siding. DH Construction is ready to remedy this damage quickly & efficiently by effectively working with your insurance adjuster to correct the situation back to normal.
Vandalism & Burglary
Being violated by illegal activity can result in different emotional responses than those caused by naturally occurring events. We have assessed this damage many times and can guide you smoothly through the process of returning your property to wholeness.

We are licensed in California, northern Nevada and Reno. Our service area spans from Stockton to Redding and from Reno to Fairfield.

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