DH Construction

Common Concerns

Settlement Of Your Claim
The first step after notifying your insurance company of the claim is agreeing to the scope of repair and pricing. We work closely with your adjuster to ensure that they will cover every detail to restore your home properly to a pre-loss condition. After the claim is agreed upon, your adjuster issues a check for all or part of the job. When you select DH Construction, you will sign a contract with us. All repairs are made according to the scope that all parties have agreed to. If the adjuster issues a partial payment for the job, we will help you collect the remaining portion from the insurance company once the job is complete.

Getting Started
When a contract is signed with DH Construction, we will introduce you to a DH Construction superintendent and walk the job with you before beginning restoration to your home. All of the picks for floor coverings, paint colors, cabinets, etc will be your choice. DH Construction has a Flooring Showroom and Design Center on our property, which will allow you to pick from hundreds of types and styles.

Mortgage Company Endorsements
Often times, the Insurance Company will issue your settlement check to both you and your mortgage company. This check cannot be cashed without involving your mortgage company. Our office will make arrangements with your mortgage company regarding the check endorsements, payment schedules, inspections, affidavits and all other necessary documents required by your mortgage company. We work with almost all mortgage companies on a daily basis as a service to our clients. You will not have to be responsible for this.

Any work or hidden damage not discovered during the initial estimation process is called a supplement to repairs. Our office staff will work with your adjuster to ensure the extra work is covered and will be paid for. This is a common occurrence on larger claims. An example of hidden damage would be finding more fire damaged roof framing after the removal of the roofing and sheeting. We will ensure that the Insurance Company compensates you for any hidden damage.

Betterments, Improvements, Additional Work
Should you want to upgrade or have other changes you wish to make, now is a good time to make changes. At the time of a loss, the cost of upgrading certain items is typically much lower than replacing them at a later date. It is possible to make trades within the scope (credits versus change orders), which often work out to being a no charge to you.

Your job may require permits, plans and engineering in order to be repaired. DH Construction will take care of obtaining the permits and engineering. DH Construction will meet with the City Inspectors and Architects/Engineers at all stages of the job. The costs for the permit and any engineering will be paid for by your Insurance Company.

Personal Property
Insurance Companies may recommend someone to address cleaning or restoration of your furniture, clothing and other personal property items. DH can also assist you with recommendations of professional Restoration Companies.